Upgrading to Version 3

We strive to record all potential breaking changes. However, as some of these changes occur in lesser-known areas of the library, only a fraction of them might have an impact on your application.

If you encounter any changes not documented here that have affected you, please create a bug report on the LdapRecord-Docs repository so that we can address the issue promptly.

High Impact Changes

Updating Dependencies

PHP >= 8.1.0 Required

LdapRecord v3 now requires PHP 8.1.0 or greater.

Composer Dependencies

You should update the following dependency in your application's composer.json file:

"directorytree/ldaprecord": "^3.0"

iconv PHP Extension Required

The iconv extension is now required, as it is used for encoding passwords using the default mechanism when setting Active Directory user passwords.

It has always been used in LdapRecord, however an exception would have been thrown previosuly upon executing code utilizing it.

Strict PHP Types Implemented

LdapRecord now has strict types implemented in all classes for all methods and properties.

If you've created your own models, scopes, or have extended any other LdapRecord class, you will need to adjust any overridden properties or methods with their respective types.

Medium Impact Changes

LdapRecord\Container manager Method Renamed

An LdapRecord\Container::manager() method has been renamed to getConnectionManager().

LdapRecord\ConnectionManager Proxy Methods Removed

The below LdapRecord\ConnectionManager proxy methods have been removed.

You may replace these methods with their listed equivalent:

Proxy Method Removed Replacement
reset() flush()
allConnections() getConnections()
getEventDispatcher() getDispatcher()
setEventDispatcher() setDispatcher()

LdapRecord\ConnectionManager Methods Renamed

The below LdapRecord\ConnectionManager methods have been renamed:

Old Method New Method
add() addConnection()
remove() removeConnection()
all() getConnections()
get() getConnection()
getDefault() getDefaultConnection()
setDefault() setDefaultConnection()
dispatcher() getDispatcher()
setDispatcher() setDispatcher()
unsetEventDispatcher() unsetDispatcher()

LdapRecord\Models\Attributes\AccountControl Methods renamed

The below LdapRecord\Models\Attributes\AccountControl methods have been renamed:

Old Method New Method
add() setFlag()
remove() unsetFlag()
apply() applyFlags()
has() hasFlag()
doesntHave() doesntHaveFlag()
setValues() setFlags()
getValues() getFlags()
runLoginScript() setRunLoginScript()
accountIsLocked() setAccountIsLocked()
accountIsDisabled() setAccountIsDisabled()
accountIsTemporary() setAccountIsTemporary()
accountIsNormal() setAccountIsNormal()
accountIsForInterdomain() setAccountIsForInterdomain()
accountIsForWorkstation() setAccountIsForWorkstation()
accountIsForServer() setAccountIsForServer()
accountIsMnsLogon() setAccountIsMnsLogon()
accountDoesNotRequirePreAuth() setAccountDoesNotRequirePreAuth()
accountRequiresSmartCard() setAccountRequiresSmartCard()
accountIsReadOnly() setAccountIsReadOnly()
homeFolderIsRequired() setHomeFolderIsRequired()
passwordIsNotRequired() setPasswordIsNotRequired()
passwordCannotBeChanged() setPasswordCannotBeChanged()
passwordDoesNotExpire() setPasswordDoesNotExpire()
passwordIsExpired() setPasswordIsExpired()
allowEncryptedTextPassword() setAllowEncryptedTextPassword()
trustForDelegation() setTrustForDelegation()
trustToAuthForDelegation() setTrustToAuthForDelegation()
doNotTrustForDelegation() setDoNotTrustForDelegation()
useDesKeyOnly() setUseDesKeyOnly()

LdapRecord\Utilities Removed

The LdapRecord\Utilities class has been removed in favor of individual utility classes that provide the same features and functions.

Please see the helpers documentation for their equivalent utility classes.

Tightenco/Collect Replaced

The tightenco/collect package has now been replaced with Laravel's core illuminate/collections package, that became available in Laravel 8.0.

Due to this change, if you're installing LdapRecord in a Laravel application, it must be at least version 8.0.0 or greater.

LdapRecord\Query\Builder methods renamed

The below query builder methods have been renamed to more clearly convey the LDAP action that they will execute:

From To
listing() list()
createAttribute() addAttribute()
updateAttribute() replaceAttribute()
deleteAttribute() removeAttributes()
N/A removeAttribute()

Low Impact Changes

LdapRecord\Ldap Method Return Types Changed


The Ldap::bind() method now returns an LdapRecord\LdapResultResponse, which provides a class for interacting with an LDAP response in detail:

$connection = new \Ldap\Connection(['...']);

$response = $connection->getLdapConnection()->bind($username, $password);

$response->errorCode; // int
$response->matchedDn; // string|null
$response->errorMessage; // string|null
$response->referrals; // array|null
$response->controls; // array|null

$response->successful(); // bool
$response->failed(); // bool


The Ldap::parseResult() method now returns an LdapRecord\LdapResultResponse, as with the bind() method mentioned above.

LdapRecord\Models\Relations\OneToMany Method Return Types Changed

The methods listed have had their return type changed:

Method New Return Type
attach() void
detach() void
$groups = ['...'];

$user = User::find('...');

// Returns "void"

LdapRecord\Models\Relations\OneToMany Methods Removed

The methods listed below have been removed:


You may now simply provide a variable that is iterable (such as an array or Collection), to attach or detach many models for a relationship.

LdapRecord\Models\Relations\HasOne Method Return Type Changed

The HasOne::attach() method now no longer returns a value (void). I.e.:

$manager = User::find('...');

$user = User::find('...');

// Returns "void"

LdapRecord\Models\OpenLDAP\User & Group Relations Adjusted

The built-in OpenLDAP User and Group model relationships (Group::members() and User::groups()) have been adjusted with their proper configuration, and now have full integration tests on the repository.

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