A framework for
Rapid LDAP Integration

LdapRecord is a framework that helps you quickly integrate LDAP into your PHP applications.

LDAP Models.

Each LDAP object type has its own model. If you've used Laravel's Eloquent or an Active Record equivalent, you'll feel right at home.

Like a boss.

LdapRecord's filter builder provides a clean, chainable API, that's easy to read and write.

Come included.

Events, caching, logging, testing tools, relationships, accessors, mutators, and more. They all come out-of-the-box.

Integrate faster

Everything you'll need to integrate LDAP.

Works With All Directories

Support for Active Directory, OpenLDAP and 389 Directory Server is included.

Fluent Filter Builder

Effortlessly build complex LDAP filters with easy to read and write fluent syntax.

Friends In High Places

Feature packed integrations with Laravel and Lumen frameworks come directly supported.

Ready to dive in? Get up and running in minutes.