LdapRecord was based heavily on Laravel's fantastic ORM Eloquent which was created by Taylor Otwell. Many of its features and documentation are direct ports to be used for LDAP.

    Without its battle tested infrastructure already built, this package would not have the stability and usability that was granted from his thousands of hours of hard work, and of course the hundreds to thousands of contributors that has brought continuous improvements to the Laravel framework.

    If you can, please support Taylor Otwell's work. He has made web development with PHP a fun and exciting experience - without costing developers a dime.

    I must also mention Chad Sikorra and his library LdapTools. His open source work with LDAP on GitHub and Stackoverflow has helped me tremendously in understanding nuances in the LDAP protocol and Active Directory itself. Without his advanced expertise and knowledge, Adldap2 and LdapRecord would not be here today.

    Generated on June 4, 2024
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